Choctaw Defense Services - Teaming Case Study

Choctaw Defense Services is a division of the Choctaw Nation Indian Tribe. Choctaw Nation is a $1B Business Entity. They are a Native American Tribe with over 11,000 employees.

We started working with Choctaw Defense in the spring of 2012. Initially we signed a Teaming and Non-disclosure Agreement and started bidding jointly on Federal Contracts within the Department of Defense, Department of Labor, Homeland Security, the FBI and many other State and Federal Agencies. They are using their Native American Status to bid on Government Set-aside Contracts. Each of these contracts required Staffing Support. We have successfully sourced, screened and qualified a variety of candidates for each proposal. These included finding and screening potential staff like; PC Techs, Cable Techs, A/V Techs, Help Desk Techs - Level I and Level II, QA Specialists, System Engineers, Network Engineers, Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers and Program Managers. Choctaw Defense was eventually awarded contracts to Cable VA Hospitals throughout the USA. This included Low Voltage Networks, Fiber Optic Networks as well as Coaxial Cabling to every bed in each VA Hospital that they were assigned to recable. They also won major Cabling Projects at Universities, School Systems and International Airports.

Choctaw Defense has relied almost exclusively on us to help them find and staff each of these projects, allowing them to build their Technical, Administrative, Project Management and Management Staff. In 8 months, we helped them fill over 30 positions in Florida, Puerto Rico, New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. When one of the candidates backed out at the last minute, we were able to back fill the person within 3 hours, working until 9PM to make sure they had all of the staff covered.

They state that our Staffing Capabilities and Technical Knowledge have helped them complete all of their projects on time and within budget. That we do a great job on the back end with Account Management, Employee Retention, Payroll, Per Diem's, Time Sheets, Benefits, etc. We have helped them grow their Cable Division by 500% over a 24 month period.

They have used other firms in the past and their experience with us has been that our staff is more technical and more dependable. The Division Manager says that we offer better people, better terms and better rates than our competitors. We have never charged for up-front proposal research, mentoring, financial and business planning assistance, recruiting for RFPs, running ads to find potential key candidates or helping prepare for and responding to Government RFPs. We are true Teaming Partners with each other. 

When a new hire was threatened by a previous employer, stating that he was in conflict with their non-compete agreement. Our attorney’s got involved, interviewed the new hire and the management team and was able to resolve the conflict satisfactory in Choctaw Defense’s favor at no costs to Choctaw..  

Cherokee Nations - Staffing Case Study

We have been working with Cherokee Nations since 2004. They prefer to work with and hire Native American Employees or work with Native American Firms. We are a Native American TERO Certified Firm who also possesses a Gaming License.

As Cherokee Nations expanded, they have relied on Grayhorse Technologies to help fill openings at Cherokee Casino, Hard Rock Hotel, Will Rogers Down and Cherokee Nations Technologies. We filled these openings with Direct Placements, Contract Hire and Long Term Contractors.

We have filled over 50 Technical and Management positions; including Help Desk Techs, PC Techs, Audio Visual Techs, Software Engineers, Oracle and SQL Data Base Administrators, Network Engineers, System Engineers and Project Managers within the Microsoft and PeopleSoft areas. We have also helped fill Temp Accounting Positions as well.

At one time we had staffed their entire new Help Desk, as well as providing software engineers developing new Gaming and Casino Back Office Applications. Our software engineers worked within the .Net/SQL Applications and PeopleSoft environments. We also had Project Management responsibilities for Security Systems and Hardware Upgrades at all six Cherokee Casino Locations. We provided System and Network Engineers responsible for their statewide networks and over 300 servers.

We specialize in Native American Recruiting and TERO Office Referrals. Also, with our 30 years of Staffing Experience and National Databases, we were successful in filling difficult to find skills.

For our Contract/Contract Hire Staffing, we handled the Recruiting, Screening, Setting up Interviews, Negotiating Billrates and Payrates, Background Checks, Drug Tests, gaining Gaming License Approval, Handling Payroll, Time Sheets, Payroll Taxes, Expense Report Processing, Worker’s Comp Coverages, Business and Auto Insurances, and we also provided Benefit Options.  

US Cellular - Project Management Case Study

U.S. Cellular needed to enhance their project management processes. The different departments were unaware of the progress and statuses in other areas related to Cell Tower Construction, Switch Installations, Circuit Connections to the NOC, etc. They were spending up to $200,000 monthly in temp labor to catch up on project delays and unexpected new responsibilities in various departments.

U.S. Cellular is a worldwide telecommunications provider. We worked with the Western Region Engineering Department.

The Western Region of the United States experienced extensive growth requiring utilization of resources from multiple markets for hundreds of different projects. To more accurately plan resource allocation, the decision was made to utilize both MS Project and MS Project Server. With the advent of MS Project Server all resources were assigned to a “global resource pool” and all projects acquired available resource from that pool.

U.S. Cellular in Tulsa selected Grayhorse Technologies as its Solution Provider, providing PM Solutions, Custom Software and Report Solutions, and Professional and Technical Training and Staffing.

U.S. Cellular had installed MS Project several years ago, but had never formally used the tool to plan or track ongoing tasks or projects. U.S. Cellular engaged Grayhorse through an outsourcing agreement to provide a full installation of the MS Project and MS Project Server, Project and Resource Conversion to the project system and employee education on the new resources.

Grayhorse Technologies successfully upgraded the Western Region’s Project Management System. The project was completed in the following phases:

Installed and Configured MS Project on a US Cellular Server
Created Project Templates for over 800 annual Cell Tower Projects
Created a U.S. Cellular MS Project Procedure Manual
Trained the Engineers in the Tulsa Office to use both MS Project and MS Project Server
Provided Training for regional offices in Longview, Washington and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Trained Managers on all functions, reports and interfaces within MS Project and Project Server

Business Results - The upgraded tools and environment cut temporary labor costs by approximately $200,000 per month.

The benefits of using a Server Based Project Management Tool included:

Centralized all projects and resources into one tool
Eliminated the need for multiple Excel spreadsheets to manage projects
Established weekly management conference calls to review all reports, projects and dependencies between groups and managers

Corporate and Government - Software Development Case Studies

Is each case, we met with the Users/Customers and identified Business Requirements. Using the requirements, we developed a Detailed Design Document for review, which included the designs for Screens, Reports, Databases, Internal Processing, Development Schedule, Milestones, Task Lists, and Project Costs. Following the Design Approval, we completed the Development and Testing Phases. Once the User Acceptance Tested the new software, we completed the Implementation Phase and then provided any Post Implementation Items.

Hilti utilized us to design, develop and implement a .Net, C#, SQL, Visual Studio Web Based Application to automate their Barrier Management System. We successfully implemented this system and then developed a Mobile App Phase to access the app from Mobile Phones. We still support enhancements.

Delphi Automotive/Umicore utilized our developers to design and implement ASP.NET, C#, VB, HTML web applications connected to multiple SQL Server databases supporting manufacturing applications in a real-time environment. Supported applications in manufacturing operations located in the United States, South Africa, China, India, Australia, France, and Mexico. Our staff managed all on-site overseas implementations.

Sheffield Steel/Gerdau utilized us to help them upgrade their older legacy VAX/VMS Technology to the newer Microsoft .Net/SQL Software, Servers and Networks. We helped them rewrite their Applications from COBOL to VB.Net.

Volunteers of America - Oklahoma selected us to design, build and maintain their new Client Management System. We automated all six of their offices in Oklahoma. We centralized all the data and networked all offices. We designed and built all input screens, all reports and databases. We created interfaces to the State’s Systems for Reporting. We utilized VB 6.0 for the programming and SQL Server for the back end. We continue to provide ongoing maintenance and future upgrades.

Meals on Wheels - Tulsa selected us to write and manage new server based VB/SQL applications to manage their Meal Programs, Delivery Schedules, Volunteers and Charity Donors. We have enhanced the system since then and continue to support them.

US Airforce - Gunter Airforce Base selected us to remotely maintain and enhance their C#/SQL Contract Management System. We spent 400 to 600 hours annually enhancing and maintaining the system with an occasional visit to their site in Montgomery, AL.

Unit Rig/Terex Mining selected us to rewrite their Haul Study Program and make it web based, thus reducing their overseas bids for truck quotes from two weeks to two minutes. They also utilized us to support their AS400/RPG Legacy Applications.

University of Oklahoma - Medical Center selected us via a State Bid to successfully rewrite their Campus Management System from FoxPro to Visual FoxPro. We had two Software Developers onsite for 18 months to rewrite and implement the new software and databases.

Corporate and Government - Technical Team Building and Staffing Experience

Veterans Administration utilized us to recruit and fill 104 Helped Desk Positions over a 4 day period for a new VA Call Center in Philadelphia, Pa. We sent four people to Philadelphia, we set up an open house in a local hotel, called other call centers in the area, recruited people to come by the hotel, offered them a better deal and recruited 104 people over 4 business days.

ABACUS Distribution Systems contacted us to help six Asian airlines build a travel agency reservation system for the Asian marketplace. They partnered with TWA to develop the System and Application Software. We fully staffed their North American Offices. We recruited and placed 50 people over a two year period in their Kansas City and Atlanta offices. We filled every position except for admin positions. We recruited, screened and placed Help Desk, Business Analysis, Application Programmers, Communication Engineers, Data Base Administrators, MIS Managers and MIS Directors. We coordinated recruiting trips, attended staffing meetings, attended project planning meetings and worked directly with the Project’s Vice President.

Cherokee Nations has used us to fill over 50 openings locally for their Casino, Hotel, Race Track and Technology Divisions. This included staff from Help Desk Techs to Developers to Project Managers.

Choctaw Defense Services has used us to fill over 50 openings nationwide for their in-house, federal, casino and corporate projects. Over a two year period we filled openings from Puerto Rico to California, from Texas to New York. We filled Cable Techs, Fiber Techs, Designers, Estimators, Project Managers and Proposal Managers.

IBM utilized us to provide numerous PC Contract Programmers to help them rewrite Hertz’s Workers Compensation System in Oklahoma City.

Samson Energy utilized us to recruit and place .Net, SQL and legacy Programmers on staff via agency placements, long term contractors and contract hire. We placed SQL/Oracle DBA’s, AS400/RPG Programmers, VB/.Net and SharePoint Technical Writers on staff.

Born, Inc. utilized us to recruit and place Chemical, Controls and Project Engineers on site.

Matrix Services utilized us to recruiter a Structural Engineer with Nuclear Power Plant experience.

Delphi Automotive utilized us to recruit Controls, Chemical, Process and Project Engineers.

US Cellular utilized us to recruit Structural, Construction, Cell Tower, Switch and Network Engineers.

Engineering Drafters - several companies utilized us to recruit and place drafters with either AutoCAD and/or SolidWorks experience. We have also recruited Project Coordinators, Project Planners and Technical Writers.

Other Clients have also used us for various staffing and contract solutions (Amoco, Amoco Research, Colburn Electric, EDS, GTE, Hertz, MCI/WorldCom, Nordam, Perot Systems, Sears, Seminole Energy, Statewide Insurance, Willtel, Whirlpool and WinnerComm).